A retired Paramedic who loves crafting with wood. I can’t cut a straight line so I make funky stuff.

Timbermedic, David Melville, is a retired paramedic with 15 years of experience in the city of Toronto, formerly a tradesman and educator. He began woodworking when he moved to Ajax, Ontario, in 2010, building a bookcase for the library in his new home.  Working out of his garage, he became well known in the neighborhood and people would stop and ask him to make something unique for them. He started out making toy boxes, then jewellery boxes on his bandsaw, followed by designing Christmas decorations. From here he added to his accomplishments with a wider selection of inventory which can be seen on this website.

In the summer of 2022, David returned home to Scotland, he is based in Quarriers Village, near Bridge of Weir. He is able to dedicate his time fully to crafting, coming up with new designs inspired by his surroundings, along with many of his signature designs. He still works in his garage.

His motivation is simple, he enjoys being creative and working with the unique character of wood.

Visit David’s website for more info: https://timbermedic.com/


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